View plans for Duck Island

 View draft plans for Duck Island here.   

Over the three days in December 2013, Duck Island community members and stakeholders participated in a design charrette with the staff of Kent State Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative.  The process included four steps: research & input, reflect, create and review.  There were five main focus areas including: Infrastructure investments, Development opportunities, Public amenities, Neighborhood connections and Neighborhood Identity.

A draft plan has been created.   It attempts to lay the framework for future development in the neighborhood, leverage improvements to green space, provide neighborhood amenities, and address infrastructure needs.  The plan will be presented to the Duck Island Block Club for acceptance and then the Tremont West Board of Directors.  We will then ask the City of Cleveland to adopt it.  The initiatives identified range from short term to long term and Tremont West is committed with the block club and the City of Cleveland to begin to work on implementation.