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We seek input and feedback from all property owners, residents, professionals, and stakeholders who are interested in making positive contributions to this effort.

By joining the Duck Island Development Collaborative, you are expressing your personal (or your organization’s) commitment to the goals  of this sustainable community effort.

Duck Island Development Collaborative has identified the following focus areas as essential to the development efforts in Duck Island:

  • Establish (on-line) gathering place for the sustainable, community building conversation;
  • Set up on-going forums for dialog between Duck Island residents and business owners;
  • Solicit suggestions, requests, and ideas for positive improvement including regular meetings and an email forum for feedback, contributions, and discussion;
  • Recruit, educate, and learn from key stakeholders;
  • Discuss strategies to make development in Duck Island beneficial for all residents, not just those who can afford to build new homes;
  • Promote public understanding of the work happening in and around Duck Island;
  • Encourage thoughtful and sensitive public participation;
  • Plan for new construction and renovation in a variety of styles and price ranges;
  • Encourage energy efficiency (for new and existing residents) with incentive packages and educational outreach;
  • Work with financial institutions and home improvement programs to provide assistance for existing residents;
  • Focus on smart water, waste, and recycling management;
  • Implement infrastructure considerations and improvements;
  • Discuss public space needs including plans for parks, conversation areas, and boundaries;
  • Discuss feasibility of a “Town Center” and incentives for live/work units, and mixed-use buildings.



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